Engaging Johns Hopkins University Summer Programs

Gain valuable insight into the medicine industry with the help of summer programs at Educated Choices. Johns Hopkins University is one of the most renowned medical and scientific research institutions in the United States, combining research, patient care and teaching in one university organization. At Educated Choices, we offer challenging career summer programs that are held on the Johns Hopkins University campus for students aspiring to become doctors or professionals in the medical field. Advanced Medicine and Health Care aims to develop the skills sets of students in the medical profession, and enhance their knowledge about medicine as well as advanced medical technologies through hands-on projects. Students can also look forward to working with other like-minded high-achieving students from around the world, as well as getting the experience of life as a college student at Johns Hopkins University.
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A challenging course that prepares students for a career in medicine

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This program is designed to challenge, inspire and engage students who wish to pursue a career in the medical field. During the course, students are challenged academically through case studies and simulated patient consultations which help them to think critically and expose them to the processes that medical professionals engage with on a day to day basis. In addition to this, students will have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of medical career path options and will be given a tour of the university’s world class medical school. At the end of the course, students will have developed a better understanding of the demands of a career in medicine and have a more precise idea of the career path they wish to pursue.

Summer Programs at Johns Hopkins

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Advanced Medicine & Health Care