Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC)

The Global Young Leaders Conference provides high-achieving students with an opportunity to engage with like-minded peers from around the world to work together to address current global issues. The case studies range from coming up with solutions for water shortages to championing their cases for the country they represent. In addition, students will get the opportunity to work with and present to influential global leaders, creating a truly interactive environment for the students. This youth leadership conference brands itself as a unique experience, allowing students to learn more about international diplomacy, build confidence and to enhance their decision making skills. Students can choose from three exciting conference locations: United States, China or Europe, to not only gain valuable leadership skills as well as a perspective on individual roles in the global community, but also to immerse themselves in the local culture. Involving students from more than 145 countries around the world, the Global Young Leaders Conference is the premier leadership development program for young, aspiring minds.

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Global Young Innovators Initiative

Your chance to transform the world starts here. At the Global Young Innovators Initiative (GYII), you’ll serve as a real-life international business consultant for a small business in Nigeria. Along with a professional mentor and a team of other students, you’ll collaborate with a local Nigerian business owner to develop creative and sustainable solutions to the challenges their business or community faces.

When you participate in the GYII, you don’t just contribute ideas for businesses, you also gain invaluable experiences from professional mentors and industry leaders. Such a youth leadership conference helps students to hone their critical leadership skills and build self-confidence to lead the next generation of creative problem solvers and innovative thinkers. GYII is an ideal platform to experience the Harvard University campus life, as well as acquire valuable skills.

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Global Young Innovators Initiative


International Leadership Programs for High School Students

Educated Choices offers two leadership programs; the Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC) and the Global Young Innovators Initiative (GYII). These two Young Leaders Conference provide an enriching learning experience for students, enabling them to interact with peers from over 145 countries around the world. The GYLC focuses on honing the critical leadership skills of students to lead the next generation of innovative thinkers and leaders. Students have the option to attend the GYLC in the United States, China or Europe. On the other hand, the GYII, which is conducted on the Harvard University campus, uses case studies on current global issues to develop the students’ creative thinking and critical leadership skills.

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Harvard Leadership Development Program

Our Harvard Leadership Development Program allows students to soak up experiences and seize opportunities to gain knowledge on diplomacy, leadership and career choices. This international leadership program for youth is marketed as a high-potential leadership program as is targeted to congregate the brightest and the most ambitious minds.

The 6-day program walks students through rigorous discussions on various fields of interest, giving them the opportunity to listen to industry insiders speak on topics highlighted by student leaders. It also equips them with vital skill sets, and aids them in applying their knowledge to efficiently tackle the challenges of the 21st century. In addition, it focuses on developing cognitive strategies, enhancing design thinking and innovation skills, boosting global literacy, as well as increasing systematic and cultural knowledge of colleges. Developed in partnership with Leadership Initiatives, an international NGO that focuses on community empowerment, this program is designed to realize and discover the potential of our students as leaders of the future.

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