Advanced Medicine & Health Care

At the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Advanced Medicine & Health Care program students explore a wide array of health care careers and develop the skills required to succeed in college and in the 21st century health care environment.

You will reside throughout the 10-day NYLF Advanced Medicine & Health Care program on the campus of Johns Hopkins University*, enabling you to explore the wide, green spaces and winding paths of this inviting university and discover the life, culture and rhythm of a modern college campus.

Simulation Project 1
130720 MED Cyborg Lecture by Dr Giodarno

About the Program

At the challenging and rewarding program, you will examine an actual medical training facility and take part in a simulated patient encounter. You will diagnose a patient and develop the optimal plan of care. You also immerse yourself in the program’s simulated six-phase epidemiology case study, which puts you at the center of managing a serious outbreak.

By attending the NYLF Advanced Medicine & Health Care program you will explore a broad range of educational pathways and accompanying careers in health care – providing you with a critical advantage as you make important decisions about college and careers!

Activities & Benefits

Gain a valuable head start on your future as you explore careers in medicine and health care!

When you enroll in NYLF Advanced Medicine & Health Care, you will:

  • Explore a variety of health care professions through the program’s exciting, hands-on, interactive curriculum, small group activities with your peers and true-to-life medical workshops.
  • Enhance your scholastic credentials as you prepare for the college application process.
  • Experience the life and culture of a college student as you reside throughout the program on a prominent college campus.
  • Take a guided site visit to a medical school, and meet and interact with current medical students and college admissions representatives.
  • Discover the skills and education needed to be successful as a health care provider.

Program Dates

Baltimore, MD The Johns Hopkins University June 18-27 | July 2-11 | July 16-25

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