Progressive Stanford University Summer Programs

Explore the ins and outs of the challenging legal profession with Educated Choices’ respected law summer programs. Stanford University is one of the most well known higher education institutions on the west coast of the United States, making it one of the top choices for law students from all around the world. At Educated Choices, we offer multiple summer programs held on the grounds of Stanford University.

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In particular, Educated Choices offer an Intensive Law & Trial summer program in partnership with the Stanford Law School, one of the most prestigious law institutions iin the United States and across the world. At the Stanford Law School summer program, students who are interested in law as a career are able to gain invaluable experience and insight through hands-on projects and interactions with industry leaders in the law profession. During this program, students will get the change to discover the various challenges of being a 21st century attorney as they prepare for a court case. In addition to learning about the various facets of the attorney’s role, students will be coached to further explore their interest in the legal field through workshops with leading industry minds. This course sets high school students on a career path to becoming lawyers through a powerful combination of experience, insight, and inspiration.

At each of these ten day programs, students can look forward to not only getting the opportunity to interact developing their skill set in their chosen career with other like-minded high-achieving students from all over the world, but also to experience life as a college student at the Stanford University campus.

Enrol in one of our fantastic law summer programs today for an experience that will truly allow you to experience what it’s like to be a lawyer!

Summer Programs @ Stanford

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Intensive Law & Trial

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Business Innovation