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Taylor's University

Taylor’s University is located in the beautiful and culturally diverse country of Malaysia. Strategically located in South East Asia, Malaysia is the third largest economy in the region and a popular tourist destination.

Founded on a tradition of educational excellence spanning over 45 years, Taylor’s University is well-recognised for its award-winning schools and state-of-the-art facilities, set within a dynamic and integrated learning environment.


Why Taylor's University?

Choosing the right tertiary programme is critical in securing your future. Choosing the right institution is equally important, as it will not only instil in you a sound foundation of knowledge but also equip you with highly sought-after skills and capabilities to succeed in the real world. 

At Taylor’s University, we groom our students to become leaders in their chosen fields. Through our industry-relevant curriculum and close partnership with industry leaders, we are able to deliver education that is a notch above in quality.

We insist on preparing our graduates for the global marketplace with an emphasis on education that is balanced in theory and practice, which is evident in our graduate capabilities, creating highly sought-after graduates even before they step out of university.

We have long been the preferred choice among parents and students due to our distinctive qualities that set us apart from the competition, such as:

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Taylor's American Degree Transfer Program

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Since 1996, Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program (ADP) has prepared thousands of students for transfer to universities in the U.S. as well as to Canada and Australia. Tailored to the American learning style, ADP prepares students for a smooth transition to the flexible and holistic education system.

During the two years at Taylor’s ADP, students are exposed to the same education system practiced in U.S. universities. The courses are structured in a similar manner with similar modes of assessment, delivery methods and testing approaches

What truly sets Taylor’s ADP part from other programmes is the interactive nature of the American-style curriculum, which prepares students well for the stringent education standards of some of the best universities in the world.

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Why ADP at Taylor's?

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